Welcome From the Dean

My colleagues and I are pleased that our new students for the new academic year are presently on campus. The contribution of the new class to the Faculty is always appreciated every year. As you already know, the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences offers six BSc programs. During the course of study, students gain adequate Mathematics education that lays good analytical skills and capabilities in all areas of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Information technology. I hope you will like the challenge Mathematics, which gives you the fact that you know when you are right. It is this Mathematics that makes us different and unique!

The Faculty contributes to the experience of the University of Khartoum by fostering an environment in which curious minds are encouraged to develop and flourish. Please make the most appropriate use of your library, computer labs, tutorials, social life and the new shaded space at the eastern side of the faculty. You will be challenged to work hard, enjoy your studies and realize your full potential. Our goal is to make the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences a place where you will always appreciate being part of it.

Congratulations for your great achievements that gave you the opportunity to join the University of Khartoum. Best wishes for a successful year.