About Us

The school of Mathematical Sciences came into being in 1978 to cope with the great advances made in the last fifty years in Mathematics

About us


The Mission of the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences is to Provide Comprehensive Education and Skills at all Levels that will Serve as a Foundation for careers and Further Study in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Information Technology. The Faculty Mission is also to Provide a Superior Postgraduate Program and Participate Strongly in Multidisciplinary Areas. The Faculty of Mathematical Sciences isRecognized as a Respectable Institution in thecCountry that produces QualityMathematically Oriented Graduates.


The FMS is Strives to Achieve Excellence in Teaching andResearch, and to Play a Significant Role in Capacity Building and human development in the sudan.

Goals and Objectives

  • Offering programmes leading to the B.Sc. degree in computer science, Information Technology, Mathematics, and Statistics.
  • Providing postgraduate traning and promoting research in Mathematical Sciences and Information Technology.
  • Strengthening awareness of the unity of Mathematical Sciences as well their applicability to solving problems arising in real life.