Location & Structure

Location & Structure

The Faculty, located at the southern side of Sharia El Gamaa Street, occupies three buildings; the main, old and new buildings.

The Faculty is headed by the Dean who holds office up to four years. The Faculty is run by the senior management and academic team which consist of the Dean, the Deputy Dean, Heads of Departments and the Registrar.

Its four Departments - Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science - form the pillars for this excellence in teaching, consulting, conducting and promoting research in the Mathematical Sciences. Within the faculty there are four units namely the mathematical sciences and information technology unit, self evaluation and quality unit, statistical consulting unit and training unit.

The Faculty board is responsible for the academic policy and strategic direction of the Faculty. The Faculty board also recommends awarding the Faculty degrees to the University Senate. The scientific research board oversees all research activities.

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Phone Number: +249 157976107